Embrace British Heritage – Order a Gin


London 2012 Olympics, the Royal Wedding and the Royal Baby, Andy Murray winning Wimbledon have stirred up a passion for British Heritage and Pride. This has been portrayed through fashion, film, music and sport and also an increase in the ordering of one particular drink: Gin.

Mixing Elderflower cordial in a classic G&T, ordering a Hendricks and making sure it comes with cucumber, Gin is leaving behind it’s connotations of Nan’s Christmas tipple or “mother’s ruin” it is now young professionals, men and women alike, asking their bartenders for Gin.

So why this sudden increase in popularity?

Andy Pope, Head of Drinks at Elixir Tonics and Treats on Deansgate, Manchester says:
“It all comes down to people embracing home grown products and an abundance of great new British Gins such as Portobello Road or Jensens. Not only is British Food important but the Beverage market has so much to offer so let’s support it. Gin is also perfect for the modern day palate as we now like cleaner, fresher flavours. No more Minty Mudslides or Jammy Dohnuts!!”

So embrace our modern palates and British Heritage and order a Gin.

Below we have listed our favourites from Elixir Tonics and Treats:

A twist on the classic White Lady cocktail. Inspired by the enduring
“Widow of Windsor”, our longest serving queen.
Britain’s “simple sweetheart”, fresh and feminine.
Magical No. 3 Gin, Briotett Triple Sec, Egg White, Lemon Juice and finished with
Fino Sherry. Served with a caged truffle and intensifying atomiser.

“If you are the forbidden fruit of my paradise, I am yours, to commit the first sin of love”.
Dare to taste from the divine garden, relinquish your inner prohibitions for
forbidden fruit always tastes sweeter.
Gin, Briotett Apple, Lemon Juice, Raspberry syrup and fresh Apple Juice garnished
with a Raspberry Chocolate sensation.


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