10 Cocktails every man should know


Knowing how to mix a quick cocktail in this day an age is so essential, Every gentleman should know or learn how to shake one up in a moments notice. Trust me, you wan’t to be that guy who know’s how to mix drinks, at a party, on a date or even for self comfort! Knowing the cocktails isn’t just beneficial for you, But for other’s around you. It’s a win win game & Once you have got them they will never go out of style. So here at A-magazine we have chose the top 10 Cocktails every man should know.

1.The Negroni and the Americano: It’s a classic cocktail. A grown up cocktail, not for the weak hearted. it’s traditionally an aperitif, and enjoyed before a meal. Bracing it’s unique but distinctive flavour not being shy to disguise the flavour of alcohol. This beverage is perfect whilst dinning on most types of european and American food.

2. The Martini: There is no other cocktail as simple and classic as the gin or vodka Martini. This cocktail supports character and romance! The most perfect cocktail to start or end a date.

3.Tom Collins Refreshing, light, fizzy – all the standard adjectives you use to describe a drink that you’ll have had three of before it sneaks up on you.

4. The Manhattan: Another whiskey based cocktail, more of a variation on a Martini. Where the Martini is gin and dry vermouth, the Manhattan is whiskey and sweet vermouth. And don’t forget the bitters!

5. The Tom Collins: The Tom Collins is a classic long drink. It’s a cool, summer drink, built over ice and served in a tall, slender glass, often called a Collins Glass. It’s gin-based, sweet and bubbly.

6. The Sidecar: A popular French cocktail, as it uses two liquors made in France. It can either be served in a sour glass or most commonly up in cocktail glass.

7. Old Fashioned: The ultimate simple whiskey cocktail. Find the full ManMade guide here.

martinifeature8.Margarita:  Consisting of  tequila, tripe sec and lime or lemon juice often served with salt on the glass rim. This is the most common Tequila-based cocktail in the United States

9. Mint Julep The magical thing about bourbon is that it can help warm you up when it’s cold out, and cool you down when it’s hot. And no drink better represents the latter like the Southern favorite, the Mint Julep

10. Grey Hound: If you’re looking for a manly version of the screwdriver, this is it. Grapefruit juice is pungent, for sure, but it won’t mask the booze as much as OJ does.

Here at A-magazine we hope this helps you become the cocktail master you’ve always wanted to be. Have fun with these cocktails, once you’ve mastered these cocktails, why not play around and try and make your own.


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