The Roof Gardens – One Ellesmere Street, Manchester




DeTrafford’s Rooftop Gardens – One Ellesmere Street has transformed Manchester’s red brick architecture to create a modern urban chic vibe, ideal for young families and professionals alike. The concept behind the city townhouses and apartments is inspired by New York, London and Amsterdam, creating exciting outdoor living space in the heart of the city with its innovative rooftop gardens. The fresh, new development allows anyone to view Manchester from a different perspective and enjoy the perks of the vibrant city from a private and unique position.

In addition to the attractive new rooftop gardens, each individual townhouse and apartment will be equipped to the highest standards, with bespoke kitchens and quality fixtures and finishes throughout.  The design allows for an abundance of natural light and, at night, the building’s distinctive roof perimeter will be illuminated to present a glowing orange crown.

The Roof Gardens’ communal courtyards and stylish, individual gardens offer suburban comforts within the dynamic environment of the UK’s second biggest city. “Manchester has everything but a beach”, the Stone Roses’ Ian Brown once famously said. That’s undeniably true but the city’s impressive architecture makes up for it – why would you need a beach when you have your own private rooftop terrace? The new Ellesmere Street development fulfils every possible need from location to innovation, with its unique stylish and exclusive properties. Whether you have recently graduated, have a family or are a hardworking professional, DeTrafford’s Rooftop Gardens provide the perfect base to enjoy all Manchester has to offer. These exclusive properties have become Manchester’s most sought after apartments, with 50% of the site already sold. The final stage of the properties has recently been realised due to increased demand – invest in your dream property before its too late!

By Hayley Smeulders


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