The Do’s & Don’t of Men’s Style



The Selfie with your cute pet

Girls love cute animals – it’s a fact. Take a selfie with a cute animal, whether its yours, your friends or a strangers and it will score you major points.

The Beard & Tattoo Combo

Both in moderation can be sexy. The beard is in this season and can be attractive when done well. The combination with a simple sleeve is always a winner.

 The Sensitive Intellect

Ryan Gosling has single handily created an idealistic image through his roles in rom coms for girls. His popularity has led to the creation of books such as “Feminist sayings as imagined by Ryan Gosling,” therefore mimicking his sensitive yet intellectual style of glasses and the schoolboy backpack is a winning look.



The Shaggy Shoulder Length Hair

  We all know and love Daniel Radcliff from his cute Harry Potter days, with his neat short hair and geeky glasses. The new shaggy shoulder length hair may work for some guys such as Johnny Depp and Liam Hensworth – however the majority of guy should stay of this messy look! The Telegraph quotes Daniel Radcliff saying “The amount of work it takes, having to dry it – doing anything to it is a f*****g nightmare. I do have a whole new sympathy for women.”

The Ultimate Low V-Neck

Wearing a V-neck tee lower than your girlfriend’s is never acceptable. Even if you are a trend setting like Russell Brand, this trend is classed as a “woman-repeller.”

Over Muscular Selfies

 Taking a selfie in the mirror is not attractive. Especially when it is flexing an oversized muscle, no girl will be interested in a man who priorities vanity over her!

By Hayley Smeulders


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