The Australasia Travel Bucket List

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays Islands, Australia 

Whitehaven beach is one of the top 10 beaches in the world. It is an Australian National Park and has its incredible beauty protected by limited tourist visits. The sand feels like flour it is so fine and has the natural properties to polish gold and silver! The only drawback of this incredible beach is the box jellyfish that are in the ocean during the summer months. Who would have thought such a beautiful place would have deadly wildlife?

blue(Photography by Julie Rose)

The Northern Territory, Australia 

The Northern Territory of Australia is truly unique and a huge change of culture for any city dweller. To experience the best of NT it is advised to hire a campervan and begin your drive through the desert. Be sure to stock up on food in Alice Springs before you see off on your journey – as it is miles in-between each tourist stop point. Uluru is a must see to absorb native Aboriginal culture. It is considered disrespectful to climb the big red rock however it is up to your own discretion.  While in the Australian desert prepare to meet wild dingos, red kangaroos, camels and emus. 

DSC01854(Photography by Hayley Smeulders)  

New Zealand, South Island 

Visit New Zealand for the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes of crystal blue lakes and juxtaposed sharp white glaciers and mountains. Queenstown is the no. 1 young travellers tourist destination, offering a small fun party town in the middle of the vast mountains. In the summer months it is radiant with beauty allowing tourists to lap up the sun on the beach and explore the landscape by bike, whilst in the winter it transforms into a ski resort. If incredible scenery is not enough for you young thrill seekers there is also the opportunity to bungee jump, sky dive and experience the epic canyon swing.

521309_10151710247825130_1394872986_n (Photography by Hannah Thorpe) 

New Zealand, North Island 

The North Island is equally as good as the South within its own right. It has volcanic national parks with vivid colours of acidic matter. Natural mud is sourced from The North, and is open for tourists to bathe in. There are lots of adrenaline activities available here such as skydiving in Lake Taupo, black water rafting in Waitomo Caves and white water rafting.

DSC01140(Photography by Hayley Smeulders)

Yasawa Islands, Fiji 

There is one word that describes Fiji – Paradise! The Yasawa Islands are home to native Fijian’s who are the friendliest people in the world. From Nadi the only way to reach the turquoise waters and golden sand is via the regularly run tourist boat service. Once you arrive off the boat you are greeted on each island with the songs and music and of course the native word for hello, “Bula!” Fiji has the best of both worlds – the opportunity to bask up the sun with the 30/40 degree heat or the chance to dive and explore typically Fijian villages. Local delicacies such as fish with coconut and Cava is a must try whilst in Fiji. 

fiji one(Photography by Amy Cooper) 

Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand 

Koh Lanta is one of the Southern islands in Thailand that has been untouched by the growing levels of tourism. During low season (between May-October) the island is extremely quiet and is the perfect romantic getaway destination. Koh Lanta is known for its delicious sea food and perfect beach side bar resorts. The daily sunsets are phenomenal and definitely a must see for any traveller. 

 DSC03076(Photography by Hayley Smeulders)

The Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

 This beautiful cluster of Islands is North of Malaysia near to the Thai boarder and is a hidden gem. Crystal clear waters that are full of “nemo” clown fish and wild turtles are on offer for tourists without the crowds of the Great Barrier Reef. Night life is reflective of Thailand, with fire dancers and music in beach side bars. It is also a great spot to dive, with Vietnamese reck treasures close by.

DSC02279(Photography by Hayley Smeulders)

Nha Trang, Vietnam 

Nha Trang is a popular beach location for travellers. It has a great nightlife as well as the chance to visit many tourist sites nearby such a My Son. Doing an easy rider day trip here allows you to explore the real Vietnam and soak up some local culture whilst riding the motorbike.

DSC03940(Photography by Hayley Smeulders)

Sydney, Australia 

Last but not least, Sydney is a must when travelling the Australasia region. The city creates an undesirable feeling of excitement and has so much to offer everyone. From the Opera House to the spectacular beaches all within reach, the city has it all. Sydney nightlife is a travellers dream, from cheap backpacker bars to prestige Ivy Pool bar nights.

 IMG_8859(Photography by Julie Rose)

by Hayley Smeulders


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