Conscious Sustainable Style – Who’s Doing it Best?

conscious fashion

Eco-fashion is one of the biggest concerns for the high-street today. After events such as the collapse of the manufacturing factory in Bangladesh, consumers have questioned more and more where their clothing comes from, who produces it and at what human or animal cost.

American Apparel has been a market leader for ethical American manufacture for years, differentiating itself against high street competitors. The brand prides itself on its organic clothing, employee equality in-house production and recycling unused material. Recently brands such as ASOS, H&M, Topshop and even Primark have begun addressing this consumer demand for fairtrade.

H&M has it’s own exclusive range called Conscious – Sustainable Style. The range is basic however has a high level of guilt free quality & style.

ASOS has created the Green Room that offers on trend clothing produced out of recycled vintage garments, that supports fair-trade principles traditional craftsmanship. From clothing to accessories, the range is vast and each offers their own unique story. The garments are accredited by nationally recognised organisations such as Made in The UK, Made in The USA, Made in Africa and Fairtrade.

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Primark has recently responded to the vast media coverage of rabbits being mistreated in Chinese Angora farms. They claim that ‘following concern about animal welfare and the use of angora in clothing, the company has decided to cease ordering products that use angora while it continues to investigate the issue.’ PETA has praised this move, and as many as 35 high-street retailers such as ASOS, New Look and Topshop have followed this ethical trend.

Here at A we support ethical trading and sourcing, and look forward to the future of an ethical fashion.

By Hayley Smeulders


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