Girl Crush

Boys just do not understand when we talk about our new girl crush. In their heads how can we fancy someone and not want to rip their clothes off? Most simply, it is usually because we fancy the clothes they are wearing rather than what’s underneath. My personal girl crushes range from Caggie Dunlop (why did she have to leave Made in Chelsea?) to Cara Delevingne. Stereotypical, I know! But stereotypical because they are beautiful and no one can deny it.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 17.28.57

We call girls our girl crush because in essence we do fancy them. I care more about the clothes Caggie and Cara are wearing, the venues and places they attend, the things they tweet and instagram to anything Eddie Redmayne (my actual celebrity crush) does. He is great, true, but he does not possess the interesting lifestyle (minus the fact he is an amazing actor) that our favourite fashionistas do.

This blog has been inspired by the latest, extremely exciting news that Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss are to appear together in Burberry’s new ad. The traditional and the modern merge to make what surely is going to be one of the sexiest advertisements of 2014, if not the decade. Cara Delevingne brings a fresh, flirty, boyish exuberance whilst Kate Moss brings experience, seducing her audience with her perfect bone structure, insolent pout and burning eyes. Both Cara and Kate are impossible to keep your eyes off.

Burberry will have many girls excited, as we eagerly await the campaign of two of our favourite models. So clever are Burberry with their selective choice, that the internet has nearly collapsed as we search for any little bit of information leaked about the campaign and our crushes. What clothes will they be wearing, what is the scent meant to encompass, what does it smell like, what designs should we expect, how will Cara and Kate be made to interact, what are their opinions and finally will they fulfil our expectations of taking sexiness to a new level?

Who are your girl crushes? Let us know

Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss

By Amelia Webster


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