Future Everything Festival

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A collaborative arts festival. Over 700 delegates from a variety of backgrounds bring together their work for audiences to discover, share and experience ideas about the future. Innovative art and performance is combined with modern technology, discussion and social experimentation to develop ideas about the future.

What you can expect

  • Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 15.29.27Live music which encompasses a spectrum of genres from contemporary instrumental to electronic music to experimental music. Very futuristic.
  • A variety of art and design exhibitions.
  • Insightful discussion into how the world is likely to develop.
  • Artists and designers will present their work to demonstrate how art and design has become a reality through collaborating on new protocols, languages, systems, strategies and even infrastructures.

2014’s theme ‘Tools for Unknown Futures’ will explore how the collaboration of new tools, devices and systems can be used to transform many spheres of life. As the Future Everything producers so well summarised the festival draws on “powerful currents in today’s design scene. It will debate our fascination with tools as the most natural path towards social change, and open up new ways to question, imagine and make the strange, troubled thing called the future.”

Check out http://futureeverything.org/festival/information/tickets/ for tickets and more information.

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