Achieving the right look: Sculpted Cheekbones

Everyone wants perfectly sculpted cheekbones, but not many of us are gifted with that flawless look. This is why we at A-Magazine want to give our subscribers the chance to looking chic no matter what, because style is everything.




Your contouring powder should go just under the cheekbones; they run from the top of the ear to the fleshy part of your cheek. Push a finger or your brush handle up against your cheeks to locate their bottom edge, or lightly suck in your cheek; the hollows that form are the areas you’re aiming for.




Swirl a medium-sized, angled brush into a matt bronzer about three shades darker than your skin tone, and shake off the excess. Use the slanted top edge of your brush to sweep colour upwards underneath your cheekbones, starting under the cheek apples. Try and create a half-moon shape rather than a stripe.




Step away from the mirror regularly to assess your work, and use a large fluffy brush to blend away any harsh edges.




Your highlighter (use a finger for cream and a small blusher brush for powder) should go right along the top edge of your cheekbones, just under the eye. Dab outward and up along the bone, starting just past the centre of the eye and ending at the outer corner. Blend by dabbing away at the outer edges of the highlighter; you don’t want any Adam Ant-stripes!




To add a bit of freshness, lightly swirl powder blush on the cheek apples with a fluffy blusher brush. Start with a tiny bit – you can always add more! If needed, have another go with the blending brush to take away excess and buff away any lines.



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