2nd Job. Worth the extra income?

Ever fancied setting up your own business to run alongside your day to day job? Or doing a second job which satisfies your inner desire to dance around all evening or pet lots of cute dogs?

With zero hour contracts, low wages, pay freezes and rising costs more people are getting creative with how to earn a little extra. Everyone knows someone who is thinking or progressing with an idea that would make them their own boss. What doesn’t sound appealing about doing what you want?!

Self- employment is daunting and difficult yet exciting and fulfilling. You do not need to foresee your business being the next multi- million pound venture or feel you have the characteristics of top business gurus, Richard Branson and Philip Green. Ambition, work and knowledge for your chosen path will give you a strong foundation to proceed.

For those of you who can’t be dealing with the stress of self- employment we have thought of some fun 2nd job ideas to earn a little extra.

1. Dog Groomer

2. Fitness Instructor/ Dance Teacher

 If you’re not qualified, you’ll need to do a course giving you the necessary certificate to demonstrate you’ve got the right skills. There are many ‘exercise to music’ courses offered by a variety of providers around the country. Expect to pay around £700-£850 for a 10-day course.

3. Author/ Feature Writer

4. Mystery Shopper

5. Bartender (trendy places only)

Not only does a 2nd job look good on your CV, but it is a great way to justify treating yourself. Go and buy that new Ted Baker dress or that slim- fitted Kooples jacket. You’ve worked hard, you deserve a treat!

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 11.22.11

By Amelia Webster


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