Meem/ Meme’s

Meems or Meme’s- a small statement with a ridiculous picture. We love them.

How do we get so much satisfaction when we realise we share the same problems as other people? Does it make us feel less alone in our troubles and therefore, they are no longer as bad? Whatever the reason meems make us feel better and that’s all that’s important.

The best messages I receive from my friends usually involve a meem. Like many others I love it when a friend sends me a meem that I can relate to. I return the favour sending meems to friends that are the definition of them.

Many meems perfectly capture a mood or a thought process. They highlight that many people are very similar in their thinking. I think people should use meems as a source of education. They usually accurately explain why you may be grumpy one day or why a coffee break is all you ask for when you’ve had 2 hours sleep. If your peers, managers, friends, family, boy/girlfriend took a little notice to a handful of accurate meems they may better understand why you are acting in a certain manner. Is your body language not enough? If not, shove a meem in their face. If they don’t listen to that then go and read a few more meems. They will make you feel a bit better.

Sarcasm_only has over a million instagram followers, testimony to the hype of the meem. We have stalked their profile for some of our favourites. Which one do you like best?

Ps. Sorry boys I know you will not be able to relate to them in the same manner, but use them as an insight into the thought processes or genuine problems that most ladies have. Take them into consideration and you will have a more peaceful life.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 17.11.19

By Amelia Webster


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