Traveller’s Etiquette

Got itchy feet and planning your summer trip? Here at A we have complied a few simple do’s & don’ts of travelling to bear in mind whilst you explore the world.
  1. Don’t snore. It will annoy everyone in your hostel room.Oh dear.
    This Note Left In A Youth Hostel Is The Most Aggressive Thing You'll Read Today
  2. Don’t be the slob. Nobody likes someone with low levels of cleanliness that refuses to clean up after themselves.19 Types Of People You Are Bound To Meet In A Hostel
  3.  Be selfish. You are on your own unique personal journey enjoying your new found freedom from studying, work or life in general so do and see what makes you happy. download
  4. Do something that scares you. Jump out of a plane, hold a snake or simply make friends with strangers17725_10151464901241140_879724427_n
  5. Try new foods and embrace different cultures Asian-food-4ec79f229ed62_hires
  6. Talk to people you wouldn’t normally. Making international friends is excellent for your next trip! art-Oktoberfest-11-620x349
  7. Respect the local culture 156377868
  8. Drink and have fun. But don’t let it ruin experiences such as getting up for that once in a lifetime sunrise or missing your bus / boat / plane to your next location! 19 Types Of People You Are Bound To Meet In A Hostel
  9.  Try not to turn into a phone addict. Yes it will be exciting when the bar / hostel / wall has free wifi, but remember you are travelling to gain new experiences, do not waste your time on social media. 
  10. 19 Types Of People You Are Bound To Meet In A HostelAnd finally don’t follow the guide book too closely. Some of the best experiences you will have may be accidental, so embrace them.  


Happy travels from A!

By Hayley Smeulders


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