AntiGravity Yoga


AntiGravity yoga is trending around London and will soon come to Manchester. The idea was created by Christopher Harrison in New York and has featured in The Olympics, Broadway and MTV. Here at A we are love this new fitness trend and predict it will take Manchester by storm!


What is it? 

AntiGravity yoga was created in order to allow gymnastics to explore the air and combine the most enjoyable features from from dance, pilates and calisthenics to create a new form of working out. It is an acrobatic light workout that allows you to manipulate physics of your body whilst maintaining a lighthearted and positive attitude. It can be done with a hammock for support that allows different manoeuvres. The idea behind AntiGravity yoga is to increase physical health and create idyllic beauty with the human body. It aims to build up strength and cardiovascular conditioning as well as flexibility.

What are the benefits? 

Zero compression inversions
Circulatory and lymphatic system refresh
Stimulating the release of neurotransmitters from the brain.
Decompression of spine thru gentle traction
Hydration of vertebral disks.
Increased muscular flexibility
Core strengthening
Upper and lower body muscular strengthening
Increased kinesthetic awareness; Fine-tuning balance & agility
More astute proprioceptor (sensory receptors) response
Increased joint mobility
Low impact cardiovascular conditioning.
Increased command/response acuity.
Greater cerebellum function
Increased Neuromuscular plasticity.
Hormone stimulation.
Self-esteem enhancement through conquering basic fears.
More astute presence through mindful consciousness conditioning.
Learning of new skills: A creative and artistic fitness experience.
Uniquely fun experience that works risible muscles as well as functional muscles

Check out AntiGravity yoga on YouTube for further information:

By Hayley Smeulders


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