Red Hot Trend


Less than 2% of the population are born with red hair, making gingers rare and unique. Dispute the years of playground bullying and childish jokes, recently red hair has become sought after. Idols such as Rihanna and Christina Hendricks initially created the growing trend of woman in 2011 craving these fiery shades, from warm strawberry blonde to hot red.

Recently in the media ginger men have become a hot new topic. Royal Prince Harry and his bad boy nature in comparison to his perfect brother pulled on many girls heart strings. Rupert Grint, much like Emma Watson grew into his awkward self and is one of the most fanciable characters from the Harry Potter cast due to his likeable personality. And finally Homeland’s ginger protagonist has caused a stir in the media, as he manages to get two of the hottest girls on the show.

However several memes have been created and shared claiming how “gingers have no souls,” and making jokes out of ginger peoples signature features such as freckles and pale skin, proving that stigma for gingers still does exist in society.

1da8c87d8bda81e290896dadcf2635ec A sperm bank in Denmark has gone as far as banning ginger donations due to lack of fashionabilty of hair colour. More recently BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are is soon to create a screening process in London to test couple’s saliva for the recessive ginger gene, for couples who desire or do not want ginger offspring.

Unfortunately for guys they tend to suffer the most from this form of cyber bullying and remaining stigma against ginger hair, as hot female red heads have been around since Kate Winslet in Titanic and recently girl next door Emma Stone.

But don’t worry guys – ginger is growing in popularity and your charming personality colour be enough to still charm the ladies.



By Hayley Smeulders


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